Our Story

As best friends, we used to dream about the adventures of life and which products and services we could create. With that, we often spent many nights brainstorming the different types of businesses we would be able to bring to life. We had always agreed that we should create a product that had a purpose, a product that would help bring people closer to each other emotionally, and a product with refreshingly original design and innovative features. With excitement in our hearts and plenty of nervous energy running through our bones, we launched PicoGreetings on December 12, 2014 from our basement. We spent many months conceiving, prototyping, failing and beginning again.

We scrapped everything and started over, again and again.

Finally, we had created three types of products with distinguishably different character and usage. We started selling through retail stores and through the process have been approached by many different businesses and charities with amazingly inspiring missions and purposes. They started to use our products to communicate with their audience, supporters and believers. We think it is amazing that the designs we create for our clients reach the supporters and recipients to communicate the organizations message in such an unforgettably positive way.

For us, Pico Greetings team, after dedicating so much time trying to improve our products, and finding that our products truly help our clients- gives us great confidence, and pushes us to do even more.

Our Belief

Our core belief is to create a product that is environmentally friendly and useful, with amazingly original designs that help our amazing clients to communicate their purpose to change the world in a positive way. It is our goal to be the support system to make the world a better place. No matter the size of the project - large or small, we dedicate our hearts and minds exactly as you would. We hope to spread the feeling of joy and pride to every single recipient of our cards.