Enkhtamir Enkhdavaa

Co-founder, CTO

Tamir is the co-founder of Pico Greeting and continuos innovator for our team. All projects arrive at his creative desk as paragraph or two written concept and come to life as a tangible product. He inspires us with his design skills and leads us with his creative senses. Driven professional with broad technical skill-set, very strong attention to detail, and over 10 years experience in front-end web development. On top of the latest trends and technologies.

Michael Tumurbaatar

Co-founder, COO, Entrepreneur

Michael is the driving force behind the Pico Brand. He is the co-creater of our products and strategic lead for our team. His ability to capture the true potentials and translate it the for the good for our company and our clients has been true success in every project we complete. Michael's vision to keep our brand creative, innovative and cutting edge, yet nimble and fair to our customers and suppliers keeps us pushing forward everyday.

Ucee Faenza

Director of Client Services

Ucee leads the strategic development and growth of the Pico Greeting brand of products in all channels of distribution. Her focus is on building true strategic partnership with all customers. Her responsibilities consist of supporting and growing distribution network by providing sales and technical support and coordinating internal work with the creative design department. This ensures that the design of the PicoGreetings’ innovative line of products helps communicate brand messages for our client companies. She is eager to hear everyone’s ideas and create solutions, which can be applied with the help of Pico Products.

Bolormaa Tumurbat

Accountant, CFO

Boloroo helps us stay on track and guides us to our financial goals. She keeps the numbers in check so we can offer low prices without compromising growth and profits. Boloroo plays a large role in designing our overall strategy, direction and financial approach as well as helping all of Pico Team perform at their best.