In order to execute a highly successful campaign you will need communication tools with all the intelligent designs. We would like to offer three of our concept proven designs. Lets join forces and collaborate to make sure your campaign, fundraising projects has exceptional materials to communicate your mission and bring results. 

Pico Greeting is proud to make all of our products right here in the U.S.A. By making our products at home we can ensure our product quality and speed, eliminate the need for overseas shipping and keep our partners humming alongside us so we can collectively grow and thrive.

We create products that will not end up in a landfill after one quick view because our products are designed to have a usage lifetime many more times longer compared to conventional choices. 

In addition, by using recycled paper for our products we can limit what gets to the landfill in the first place. As a client, you have the option to use recycled and reclaimed materials when placing an order.

Pico Card

We think this is a phenomenal way to engage customers. Simply having this on their computer gives them a conversation starter to introduce their friends and family to your mission – the original form of peer-to-peer!

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Pico Scratcher

Unforgettable customer experience. Integrate these creative, fun cards with your own "secret" messages to communicate your brand.

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Pico Flier

Break the cycle of monotonous marketing tools. Innovative, dynamic, unique product allows you to assemble your marketing content as a seemingly simple single business card.

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Made with Love

Every single Pico product receives our love and attention.

Starting with the design creation to delivery of the finished product our goal is to make sure your project is successful.